The Orchids of Western Australia

Hi, my name is Noel and I have been fascinated with our native orchids since discovering them alongside the road near Tambellup where I lived as a small child. During the school holidays I went to work with my father and when he stopped to stoke the gas producer on the truck (it was War time) I wandered into the bush and there they were. I thought my mother would like some of them so, heaven forbid, I picked a bunch to take home to her.

However it wasn’t until the late 1950’s that I bought my first 35 mm camera. It was a Practika reflex camera and while it had many good features one had to take great care when taking pics so as to not waste film. It was nothing like the modern digital cameras which allow one to take multiple shots and select the best. Now there is also the advantage of being able to review photos immediately instead of having to wait two weeks to see the results.

I am now onto my fourth digital camera – a Canon EOS RP.

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Listen to the 2015 ABC radio interview on ‘Breakfast with Eoin Cameron’ – For The Love Of Orchids.