The Orchids of Western Australia

Paracaleana – Duck Orchids


Paracaleana alcockii Alcock’s Duck Orchid


Paracaleana nigrita – Flying Duck Orchid

Flying Duck Orchid Flying Duck Orchid Flying Duck Orchid Flying Duck Orchid leaf


Paracaleana lyonsii – Midget Duck Orchid

Midget Duck Orchid



Paracaleana hortiorum – Hort’s Duck Orchid

Hort's Duck Orchid Hort's Duck Orchid 



Paracaleana triens – Broad-billed Duck Orchid

Broad-billed Duck Orchid


Paracaleana brockmanii – Brockman’s Duck Orchid

Brockman's Duck Orchid


Paracaleana gracilicordata – Slender-leafed Duck Orchid

Slender-leafed Duck Orchid Slender-leafed Duck Orchid


Paracaleana ferricola – Perth Hills Duck Orchid


  1. Les Marshall

    At Tutanning reserve east Pingelly there are what looks to be the Brockman type
    Quite red in colour. It took me 50 years to find them having been told
    Of their presence in 1963 by Dr Burt Main?

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