The Orchids of Western Australia

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Terrestrial Orchids of South-West Australia

Justin’s website is highly recommended. If you want to identify a Western Australian orchid then go no further.

Ease of navigation, species descriptions, identification hints and beautiful photographs. Check it out.


The Vocabulary of Orchids in Western Australia

A list of all the current Genus, species and Common Names of orchids in the South-west of Western Australia
including vocabulary, pronunciation, distribution maps, flowering times, images and more.
Information is sortable by name, groups, flowering dates or alphabetically.


WA Native Orchid Study & Conservation Group (WANOSCG )

Our group promotes interest in and preserves Western Australian indigenous orchids.

We have field days, photo competitions, monthly meetings and love sharing knowledge. 40 years strong.

New members are welcomed and encouraged. Come and say g’day.


West Australian Orchids

ebook by Emily H Pelloe, 1930.

“Orchids are usually termed the aristocrats of plant life. The presence of over 130 species in Western Australia adds considerable interest to the study of her magnificent and world-famous flora.”

(Today, about 85 years later, there is over 350 named species.)

(Today, about 92 years later, there is over 430 named species.)


The Various Contrivances by which Orchids are Fertilised by Insects.

ebook by CHARLES DARWIN, 1877.

“THE object of the following work is to show that the contrivances by which Orchids are fertilised, are as varied and almost as perfect as any of the most beautiful adaptations in the animal kingdom; and, secondly, to show that these contrivances have for their main object the fertilisation of the flowers with pollen brought by insects from a distinct plant.”

This book was written by Darwin as proof for his famous theory and book  “On The Origin of Species.” – 1859