The Orchids of Western Australia

Pterostylis – Greenhoods

Greenhoods are divided into three groups depending on the position adopted by the lateral sepals.


Sepals upright

Curled-tongue Shell Orchid
Shell Orchids
Robust Snail Orchid
Snail Orchids
Shy Greehood
Shy Greehood
Visual comparison
Visual comparison


Sepals recurved

Jug Orchid
Jug Orchid


Sepals down

Northhampton Midget Greenhood
Midget Greenhood
Dark Banded Greenhood
Banded Greenhoods
Painted Rufous Greenhood
Rufous Greenhoods
Bearded Bird Orchid
Bird Orchids


Pterostylis – [terro-style-iss]
From pteros, a wing, and stylos, a style.
The wings are hidden out of view and prevent pollinating insects from escaping the flower without a packet of pollen or two.


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