The Orchids of Western Australia

Pyrorchis – Fire Orchids

These orchids were removed from Lyperanthus (Beak Orchids) and placed in the new genus Pyrorchis.
pyr (fire) + orchis (orchid) = Fire Orchid

The common name Beak Orchids no longer applies. Fire Orchids has been selected as the new common name.


Pyrorchis nigricans – Red Fire Orchid

Originally known as Red Beaks and Elephant Ears

These orchids produce large, fleshy, heart-shaped leaves commonly called ‘Elephants’ Ears’. A burn of the environment is usually necessary to induce flowering, particularly in coastal areas.

Red Beaks, Elephants' ears Fire Orchid Red Beaks, Elephants' ears



Pyrorchis forrestii – Pink Fire Orchid

Originally known as Pink Beaks

Each flowering plant has up to three overlapping leaves which are smaller, slightly more elongated and less fleshy than those of Fire Orchid, P. nigricans.

Pink Beaks Pink Beaks Pink Beak leaf