The Orchids of Western Australia



Epiblema grandiflorum – Babe-in-a-Cradle

Babe-in-a-cradle Babe-in-a-Cradle Babe-in-a-Cradle Babe-in-a-Cradle

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  1. Brian Kitson

    Hi Noel, Brian Kitson is me of Bunbury my brother got me back into chasing orchids again.
    I have yours & Andrew’s orchid book 3rd edition, plus 3 other orchid books. In your book
    You have locations of orchids,which my friend and I go to plus look for other locations as well just wondering (well have for long time) if you would like other places for you or future books if that is to happen, 1 is right in bunbury on Parade rd next to St Joseph School, variety of spiders,greenhoods and others, just look in my book don’t have it in, another Crooked Brook out from Dardanup all sorts out there, must go and check my self haven’t be this. Yes r yet, but if you would like others let me know,the babe in cradle where are place’s to find them,my brother says a place near Walpole is where some are, will find out when he gets over from Qld, Oct/Nov., anyway happy hunting, Bye for now.

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