The Orchids of Western Australia

Microtis – Mignonette Orchids

(Onion Orchids)


Microtis media – Common Mignonette Orchid

Common Mignonette Orchid Common Mignonette Orchid


Microtis alba – White Mignonette Orchid

Distinguished from Beautiful Mignonette Orchid, M. pulchella by its long terminally divided labellum and highly perfumed flowers.

White Mignonette Orchid



Microtis alboviridis – Scented Mignonette Orchid

Similar in appearance to the White Mignonette Orchid, M. alba but is distinguished by its smaller, yellowish-green flowers and less prominently divided labellum

Scented Mignonette Orchid


Microtis atrata – Swamp Mignonette Orchid

The Swamp Mignonette Orchid is the smallest of the Microtis species. Generally found growing in dense colonies and because of its distinctive yellowish-green colouration is relatively easy to see.

Swamp Mignonette Orchid


Microtis pulchella – Beautiful Mignonette Orchid

Differs from the more common White Mignonette Orchid, M. alba in having thinner-textured flowers, more spreading petals and sepals and a labellum with a rounded, rather than divided apex.

Beautiful Mignonette Orchid

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