The Orchids of Western Australia

Albany Spider Orchid

Alcock’s Duck Orchid

Ant Orchid

Antelope Orchid

Arrowsmith Pansy Orchid

Arrowsmith Spider Orchid

Autumn Leek Orchid

Azure Sun Orchid


Banded Greenhood

Beak Orchids

Beard Orchids

Bearded Bird Orchid

Beautiful Mignonette Orchid

Bee Orchid

Bell Orchid

Bell Sun Orchid

Bird Orchid

Blood Spider Orchid

Blue Beard

Blue China Orchid

Blue Fairy Orchid

Blue Lady Orchid

Blue Orchids

Blue Sun Orchid

Blunt Leaved Bunny Orchid

Blushing Spider Orchid

Boddington Spider Orchid

Bristly Donkey Orchid

Broad-billed Duck Orchid

Broad-lipped Spider Orchid

Broad-petaled Snail Orchid

Brockman’s Duck Orchid

Bronze Leek Orchid

Bronze Orchid

Brown-veined Shell Orchid

Bunny Orchids

Butterfly Orchid

Cape Mustard Orchid

Carbunup King Spider Orchid

Carousel Spider Orchid

Chameleon Orchid

Chapman’s Spider Orchid

Cherry Spider Orchid

Chestnut Sun Orchid

Christmas Leek Orchid

Christmas Spider Orchid

Cinnamon Sun Orchid

Cleopatra’s Needles

Clown Orchid

Clubbed Snail Orchid

Club-lipped Spider Orchid

Coastal White Spider Orchid

Common Bee Orchid

Common Bunny Orchid

Common Donkey Orchid

Common Dragon Orchid

Common Mignonette Orchid

Common Spider Orchid

Cowslip Orchid

Crab-lipped Spider Orchid

Crested Spider Orchid

Crimson Spider Orchid

Crinkle-leafed Bunny Orchid

Crystal Brook Star Orchid

Crystal Helmet Orchid

Curled-tongue Shell Orchid

Curly Locks

Custard Orchid

Daddy-long-legs Spider Orchid

Dainty Blue Orchid

Dainty Donkey Orchid

Dancing Orchid

Dark Banded Greenhood

Dark-tipped Spider Orchid

Darling Scarp Donkey Orchid

Darting Spider Orchid

Diamond Spider Orchid

Donkey Orchids

Dragon Orchids

Dragon Orchid

Drooping Spider Orchid

Duck Orchids

Dunsborough Donkey Orchid

Dunsborough Spider Orchid

Dwarf Bee Orchid

Dwarf Common Spider Orchid

Dwarf Hammer Orchid

Dwarf Mosquito Orchid

Dwarf Mustard Orchid

Dwarf Pink Fairy

Dwarf Spider Orchid

Dwarf Zebra Orchid

Early Donkey Orchid

Eastern Curly Locks

Eastern Queen of Sheba

Elbow Orchid

Elegant Snail Orchid

Elegant Spider Orchid

Elephants’ Ears

Enamel Orchids

Esperance King Spider Orchid

Esperance White Spider Orchid

Exerted Rufous Greenhood

Exotic Spider Orchid

Fire Orchids

Flying Duck Orchid

Forest Mantis Orchid

Fragrant Leek Orchid

Frail Spider Orchid

Freckled Sun Orchid

Frilled Leek Orchid

Fringed Hare Orchid

Fringed Leek Orchid

Fringed Mantis Orchid

Funnel-tipped Spider Orchid

Giant Donkey Orchid

Giant Leek Orchid

Giant Snail Orchid

Giant Spider Orchid

Glossy-leafed Hammer Orchid

Gnat Orchid

Grand Spider Orchid

Granite Donkey Orchid

Granite Spider Orchid

Granite Sun Orchid

Grass-leafed Spider Orchid

Green-comb Spider Orchid

Green Range Donkey Orchid

Green Spider Orchid

Green Spider Orchids


Green-veined Shell Orchid

Hairy Rufous Greenhood

Hairy-stemmed Snail Orchid

Hammer Orchids

Hare Orchid

Heberle’s Spider Orchid

Helmet Orchid

Helmet Orchids

Hill’s White Spider Orchid

Hinged Dragon Orchid

Hoffman’s Spider Orchid

Hooded Leek Orchid

Horts’ Duck Orchid

Humped Leek Orchid

Inland Leek Orchid

Insect-lipped Rufous Greenhood

Island Point Spider Orchid


Jackson’s Sun Orchid

Joseph’s Spider Orchid

Jug Orchid

Kalbarri Cowslip Orchid

Karri Cowslip Orchid

Karri Snail Orchid

Karri Spider Orchid

King Leek Orchid

King Spider Orchid


Large Gnat Orchid

Large-hooded Rufous Greenhood

Late Hammer Orchid

Late Spider Orchid

Laughing Leek Orchid

Lazy Spider Orchid

Leafless Orchid

Leaping Spider Orchid

Leek Orchids

Lemon-scented Sun Orchid

Lemon Spider Orchid

Leopard Orchid

Lilac Sun Orchid

Lily Orchid

Limestone Leek Orchid

Limestone Spider Orchid

Little Frog Orchid

Little Laughing Leek Orchid

Little Leek Orchid

Little Pink Fairy

Lodge’s Spider Orchid

Lonely Hammer Orchid

Lort River Snail Orchid

Lost Hammer Orchid

Majestic Spider Orchid

Mallee Beard Orchid

Mandalay Snail Orchid

Man Orchid

Margaret River Spider Orchid

Merritt’s White Spider Orchid

Midge Orchid

Mignonette Orchids

Mini Donkey Orchid

Mohawk Spider Orchid

Moora Spider Orchid

Mosquito Orchid

Mosquito Orchids

Mustard Orchid

Nanny Goat Orchid

Narrow-hooded Shell Orchid

Narrow-lipped Dragon Orchid

Narrow-lipped Hammer Orchid

Noble Spider Orchid

Northampton Midget Greenhood

Northern Darting Spider Orchid

Northern Dwarf Spider Orchid

Northern Queen of Sheba

Nyabing Spider Orchid

Ochre Spider Orchid

Onion Orchids

Outback Spider Orchid

Painted Rufous Greenhood

Pansy Orchid

Patricia’s Spider Orchid

Pendant Spider Orchid

Perth Hills Duck Orchid

Piano Orchid

Pink Beaks

Pink Bunny Orchid

Pink Candy Orchid

Pink Enamel Orchid

Pink Fire Orchid

Pink Fairy

Pink Spider Orchid

Plum Orchid

Potato Orchid

Pouched Leek Orchid

Primrose Spider Orchid

Puppet Orchid

Purdie’s Donkey Orchid

Purple Enamel Orchid

Purple Pansy Orchid

Purple-veined Spider Orchid

Pygmy Orchid

Queen of Sheba

Queen Orchid

Quindanning Spider Orchid

Rabbit Orchid

Rattle Beak

Ravensthorpe Rufous Greenhood

Ray Spider Orchid

Reaching Spider Orchid

Reclining Spider Orchid

Red Beaks

Red Fire Orchid

Red-lipped Bunny Orchid

Red-veined Shell Orchid

Robust Snail Orchid

Rock Spider Orchid

Ruby-red Spider Orchid

Ruby Spider Orchid

Ruddy Hood

Rufous Greenhood

Rusty Spider Orchid

Salt Lake Spider Orchid

Sandhill Helmet Orchid

Sandhill Spider Orchid

Sandplain White Spider Orchid

Scented Mignonette

Scented Sun Orchid

Scott River Spider Orchid

Shirt Orchid

Short-sepalled Spider Orchid

Shy Blue Orchid

Shy Greenhood

Shy Sun Orchid

Silky Blue Orchid

Slender Hammer Orchid

Slender-leafed Duck Orchid

Slender Spider Orchid

Slender Sun Orchid

Slipper Orchid

Small Dragon Orchid

Small Helmet Orchid

Small Mantis Orchid

Small-flowered Donkey Orchid

Small-lipped Spider Orchid

Smooth-lipped Spider Orchid

Snake Orchid

South African Orchid

South Coast Donkey Orchid

Southern Curly Locks

Southern White Spider Orchid

Spectacled Donkey Orchid

Spider Orchids

Spoon-lipped Rufous Greenhood

Star Orchid

Stark White Spider Orchid

Start’s Spider Orchid

Striped Rufous Greenhood

Sugar Candy Orchid

Sugar Orchid

Sun Orchids

Swamp Bee Orchid

Swamp Bunny Orchid

Swamp Donkey Orchid

Swamp Leek Orchid

Swamp Mignonette Orchid

Swamp Spider Orchid

Swamp Sun Orchid

Talbot’s Spider Orchid

Tall Bee Orchid

Tall Donkey Orchid

Tall Leek Orchid

Tall Snail Orchid

Thick-sepalled Snail Orchid

Tiger Orchid

Tongue Orchids

Twisted Sun Orchid

Underground Orchid

Vanilla Orchid

Varicoloured Banded Greenhood

Wallflower Orchid

Wandoo Beard Orchid

Warty Hammer Orchid

Western Azure Sun Orchid

Western Swan Greenhood

Western Tiny Blue Orchid

Western Wheatbelt Donkey Orchid

Western Wispy Spider Orchid

White Bunny Orchid

White China Orchid

White Fairy Orchid

White Mignonette Orchid

White Spider Orchid

Williams’ Spider Orchid

Winter Donkey Orchid

Winter Spider Orchid

Wandoo Shirt Orchid

Yawning Leek Orchid

Yellow China Orchid

Yellow Granite Donkey Orchid

Yellow Spider Orchid

York Sun Orchid

Zebra Orchid